Healthcare is at cross-roads to address the various dimensions. Quality home healthcare addresses the challenges of the ageing population, the prevalence of non-communicable diseases and the escalating cost of care.

Studies have shown that the recuperating time is reduced by 15% for patients receiving care at home as opposed to in the hospital. Hospital stays too are getting shorter with day-care minimally invasive procedures that require follow-up care at home. Home care enables the patient to receive continuity of care to recover from surgery or a chronic condition. It also relieves the patient and the family from many challenges in seeking care from a facility when the care can professionally be administered at home.

The psychological comfort of being at home and with the family members helps to speed up the recovery process. Making your home a step-down care facility with our expertise and care providers, it can reduce the daily cost of healthcare by up to 80% from a hospital facility without compromising on quality care provided. Technology enables the caregivers and providers to connect with their patients easily and provide care that is seamless. For doctors, they can keep a tap on their patients at home and be reassured that trained personnel are taking care of their patients after discharge. The continuous monitoring of the patient’s health condition supports the recovery and ensures treatment compliance. Hospitals can free up their beds faster and allow them to focus on patients with acute needs.

Click2Health was conceptualised on this vision to provide access to high-quality, seamless professional home care. We collaborate with doctors and professional care providers and plan the care for each patient allowing them to receive care and recuperate in the comfort of their home and maintain their independence.

We aspire to serve the needs of our patients and their families efficiently using connected care technology and clinical care plans to achieve excellence the case management and customer service.

We provide nursing care, doctor home visits, rehabilitative, therapeutic, hospice and home care services for children, adults and seniors 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We also offer Corporate Health Transformation programs and also engage actively in Corporate Social Responsibility Programs as well.


To provide access to high-quality, seamless professional home care.


Click2Health will utilize the connected care model to provide innovative home care effectively and efficiently using interdisciplinary highly skilled and professional staff to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.


Our Team

“Aim to provide a high quality home nursing services to clients”

Lim Siew Pei


“When our work is appreciated, it is where our greatest satisfaction come from”


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“We strive to be compassionate and caring to everyone we cared.”

Valerie Lee

Nursing Supervisor

“Constant attention by a good nurse is as important as a major operation by a surgeon”

Tan Siew Ling

Nursing Admin

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